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Bhagat uses his gift to create paintings of Sikh Warriors that fill your heart with Bir Ras, the Warrior’s Essence. His paintings connect the viewer to our ancient Sikh Heritage by telling stories of our Warriors in vivid colours and dynamic, action-packed battle scenes.

Prints are available World-Wide as Museum-Quality Premium Canvas and Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper Prints. Exclusively on Sikhi Art.

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With your prints, you get colours as fresh and vibrant as Bhagat’s original paintings. They are so highly detailed that you will discover new details in the print every time you look to admire it. They will not fade or decay so you get a piece that you can treasure your whole life. On top of all that they bring strength, character and radiance into your home. Product Information »

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Battle of Chamkaur – Sahibzada Ajit Singh

Battle of Chamkaur – Sahibzada Ajit Singh ji

As the day grew old, the Khalsa forces were running out of soldiers. At this point, Guru Gobind Singh’s eldest son, Baba Ajit Singh, at the age of 18, volunteered to join his fellow Khalsa in battle.

Bhagat’s sikh paintings tap into the Bir Ras of the Khalsa, and show sikh warriors radiating fury and causing total destruction of enemies on the battle field. Buy prints of Baba Ajit Singh ji in Battle of Chamkaur, to derive strength from it and the inspiration to act fearlessly in everything that you do in life.


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Banda Singh Bahadur Avenges Chotte Sahibzadey

Banda Singh ji Bahadur Avenges Chotte Sahibzadey

Bhagat’s epic painting depicts that epic moment when Baba Banda Singh ji Bahadur captures Wazir Khan with a group of Singhs. In order to bring Wazir Khan to justice, Baba ji punishes him for executing the Chotte Sahibzadey.

These two moments in sikh history have never been portrayed in sikh art of Punjab, and Bhagat captures the scene and delivers at an epic scale! Buy prints for inspiration to fight injustice and to teach your kids about these crucial events in all of the Khalsa’s struggles.


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Mai Bhago ji – New Edition

Mai Bhago ji – New Edition

Mai Bhago ji was distressed to hear that a group of 40 Singhs had deserted Guru Gobind Singh ji during the Battle of Anandpur. She rode to their gathering, made them realize their mistake and then set off along with them to find Guru Sahib, who was still being followed by the Mughals. She fought alongside the 40 Sikhs and Guru Gobind Singh ji, in the Battle of Khidrana/Muktsar.

Sikh paintings rarely show women that are dressed in 1700s clothing, however Bhagat’s sikh art shows authentic historical clothing. Buy prints of Mai Bhago ji for inspiration to achieve your goals, to serve the Guru, and to meditate.


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Hari Singh Nalwa

Hari Singh ji Nalwa – New Edition

Hari Singh Nalwa was a great general of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s kingdom. At a young age, while on a hunting trip, he was attacked by a tiger. With his bare hands, he pushed back the tiger, drew his sword and decapitated the beast. He was known for his excellent swordsmanship and chivalry. The painting of the general of Punjab, will bring royalty to any place it is displayed it.

Bhagat’s sikh paintings are packed with tons small details. Buy largest size prints for this piece to really appreciate the work that went into it. This painting makes a good first impression in an office space, looks beautiful in your home, and makes a great wedding or anniversary gift for your king.


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Baba Deep Singh ji – To Victory

Baba Deep Singh ji – To Victory

Baba Deep Singh ji rides a Horse named Bali – Sacrifice. He wields a Khanda named Dharma – Responsibility. He holds the Insignia of Gurmati – Guru’s teachings. He wears the Cummerbund of Jat – Self-Control. He wears the Turban of Surti – Awareness – and the turban’s Farla flares above, showing his Mastery over himself and his craft. Together with the Sadh Sangati – the Holy Congregation – Baba ji rides to Mukti – Liberation from the Cycle of Births and Deaths.

Buy Sikhi Art™ prints of Baba Deep Singh ji for your home for inspiration to push further and achieve victory in every aspect of your life.


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Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwale

1984 Operation Blue Star – Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwale

In this painting, Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwale defends against the attacks by the Indian army, who had brought in tanks in order to break through the fortifications put up by Sant Jarnail Singh ji. It was a tragic event that occured in June 1984, where many lost their lives, including the innocent pilgrims who had gathered at the temple to celebrate Guru Arjun Dev ji’s martyrdom.

Sikhi Art™ has the most beautiful sikh paintings. This piece is no different. It creates such intense emotions; and Sant ji’s face looks so real! Buy black-and-white prints to enhance any room in your home.


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Baba Deep Singh

Baba Deep Singh ji

Baba Deep Singh ji is remembered for his devotion to the Sikh religion, and his sacrifice for Shri Harimandir Sahib, commonly referred to as the Golden Temple or Harmandir Sahib. In all of sikh art tradition, this is the first painting that has depicted Baba Deep Singh ji fighting in the middle of a battle.

Baba ji radiates fury as he dispatches thieves and invaders from Afghanistan. Buy prints for you gym or workout area to derive inspiration form this powerful, elderly sikh saint and martyr.


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Akali Phula Singh

Akali Phula Singh ji

Akali Phula Singh ji was employed by Maharaj Ranjit Singh ji after his attack on Thomas Metcalfe’s escort at Amritsar in 1809. He commanded a force called Changari, “Sparks”. Akalis were known for speaking their minds and their daredevil courage.

Bhagat Singh’s painting of Akal Phula Singh ji radiates fury and energy. Buy sikh art prints for your gym for inspiration to become the strongest version of yourself and in your office to make a strong first impression.


Akali Nihang General, Akali, Nihang, Phula, Phoola, Ranjit Singh, Sikhi, Art, Punjab, Painting, Sikh Warriors, Bhagat Singh Bedi
Akali Nihang General

Akali Nihang General

Early Sikh military history is dominated by the independent Nihang military order, particularly for many famous military victories. Nihang means fearless and ferocious. Neh – Without, Sang – Fear combines to Nihang, the Fearless One.

Bhagat’s sikh art prints serve to remind us of our ancestors. They remind us of those warriors to gave their life for this faith. Buy prints of Akali Nihang General for your living room and gym to inspire courage, aleterness and mental energy.


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Baba Deep Singh – Classic

Baba Deep Singh ji – Classic

Baba Deep Singh ji is remembered for his devotion to the Sikh religion, and his sacrifice for Shri Harimandir Sahib, commonly referred to as the Golden Temple or Harmandir Sahib.

Never have Sikh Warriors, the defenders of faith, been portrayed with so much energy in our sikh art tradition. Baba ji is absolutely radiating with fury in this piece. Buy this Classic version to get inspiration during your workouts.


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Mai Bhago

Mai Bhago ji – First Edition

When Mai Bhago ji heard of this, she was distressed. She rode to their gathering, and made them realize their mistake. She set off along with them and some other Sikhs, to find the Guru.

Even though sikh artist Bhagat Singh Bedi has been painting sikh history since he was eleven, this is his first professional painting, available to purchase exclusively from Sikhi Art™.



Click here to receive a free speed painting print with your purchase.

A speed painting is an exercise where the artist uses quick but controlled brush strokes to create a work of art, under a limited amount of time usually 1-3 hours (though some of the recent ones are more like 5-7 hours). Speed paintings can be used to loosen up or even set down an idea for a bigger painting.
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Bhai Baghel Singh - Capturing the Red Fort (2013)

Bhai Baghel Singh ji – Capturing the Red Fort

This sketch Bhai Baghel Singh ji leading sikhs to the Red Fort. After capturing Delhi, Bhai Baghel Singh ji built gurudwaras in Delhi dedicated to the Gurus.

Banda Singh Bahadur, Banda Singh, Gurbaksh Singh, To Victory, Sikh, Khalsa, Laadli Fauj, Sihind, Battle, Sikh Warriors, Sikhi Art, Punjab Paintings, Bhagat Singh Bedi
Banda Singh Bahadur - To Victory (2010)

Banda Singh ji Bahadur

This sketch shows Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, previously Guru Madhav Das, heading to battle along with sikh soldiers. Banda Singh ji recruited many jatts into his army, and this lead to a snow-ball effect right into the city Sirhind.

Together We March, Sikh Warriors, Nihangs, Elephants, Marching Towards Battle, Sikhi, Art, Punjab Paintings, Bhagat Singh Bedi
Together We March (2010)

Together We March

Based on the British sketches of Nihangs marching to battle.

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Hari Singh Nalwa (2009)

Hari Singh ji Nalwa

The sketch that lead to the creation of the famous painting of Hari Singh ji Nalwa.

Akali Phula Singh, Sikh Warriors, Sikh Paintings, Punjab Art, Bhagat Singh Bedi
Akali Phula Singh - SP (2009)

Akali Phula Singh ji

The sketch that lead to the creation of the painting of Akali Nihang General.

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Escape from Anandpur (2008)

Escape from Anandpur

Guru Gobind Singh ji escapes from the city of Anandpur under the Mughal pressure. Him and 40 of his sikhs come to rest in a haveli at Chamkaur, however the Mughals continue pursuing them and this results in the Battle of Chamkaur, which wipes out everyone except for Guru Gobind Singh ji, who escapes into the Machhiwara jungles.


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Baba Deep Singh ji

Baba Deep Singh ji

Baba Deep Singh ji sacrificed his life Hari Mandir Sahib, along with about 500 men he had gathered to defend the temple from Afghani invaders.

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