Product Information

Bhagat’s fine art printers create high-quality, long-lasting, luxurious-looking prints. They use premier products that ensure your artwork will last for generations. Reproductions of Bhagat’s paintings have sold world-wide, including United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Dubai and India. Shipping is available to all countries.

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Your Prints

With your prints, you get colours as fresh and vibrant as Bhagat’s original paintings. They are so highly detailed that you will discover new details in the print every time you look to admire it. They will not fade or decay so you get a piece that you can treasure your whole life.

On top of all that they bring strength, character and radiance into your home.

The Inks

The Inks we use to make Your Prints, their beauty and radiance, is unparalleled. Fortunately, they’re made to last too! The Epson system of inks and paper have received lightfast permanence ratings from the Wilhelm Research Institute that well exceed 100 yrs (with proper UV protection), so you can be assured that your prints will look just as good in 30 years as they do today.

Giclée prints have the different colours of ink mix on the surface of the paper, so the colours are bright and uniform, even when examined close up. Our Giclée printers use 8 colours of ink (cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta, yellow, black, light black, and light light black), so we are able to produce a wider spectrum of colour than a traditional print can. The result of which is prints that look amazing, high-quality and transform the energy in your home.

Premium Gloss Canvas

The finest and most desirable of Bhagat’s prints is the Premium Gloss Canvas.

Premium Canvases look like original oil paintings when combined with Bhagat’s unique painting style and the painterly texture of the canvas. In addition to their rich colours, they capture the essence of what Bhagat paints.

Premium Canvases have an elegant and regal look to them that is simply timeless. Not only do they look beautiful but they can also be cherished for generations and passed down as family heirlooms.

In addition, these Canvas prints are carefully hand-stretched around wooden bars and ready to be displayed right out of the box. We also include a hanging kit with your Premium Canvas. So together it makes the whole displaying process completely hassle-free for you!

Made from a durable blend of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton, Premium Gloss Canvas is a heavyweight, quality canvas utilizing a tight weave that is ideal for paintings. It offers a high resolution coating that is pliable enough to withstand stretching over bars, and displays a subtle texture for a true artistic appearance and feel. Combined with incredible colour reproduction, Premier Gloss™ Water Resistant Canvas for Epson provides a high gloss finish, instant dry versatility, and water resistance to allow for all applications that require the highest image quality and an archival display life.

Thickness – Heavyweight Canvas – 19 mil (350gsm)

Finish – Satin UV Protection Finish (protects from fading)

Permanence – Premium Gloss Canvas received a lightfast permanence rating of more than 75 years under glass and more than 132 years with UV filter, from the Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute.

UltraSmooth Fine Art

This Fine Art paper is specifically designed for home-owners looking to display high-quality paintings in their homes. It is free of all the substances that make paper deteriorate. So Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper lasts a extremely long time. They can be cherished for generations. Together with its rich and vibrant colours, Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper is the ideal choice of paper for your prints.

Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper is a 100% cotton hot press paper that is coated on both sides and is not only acid, lignin, and chlorine free, it is also pH buffered with calcium carbonate for a true archival sheet. This paper is engineered to give you the highest resolution and color saturation possible.

Thickness – Heavyweight Stock – 15 mil (250gsm)

Finish – Smooth matte finish

Permanence – UltraSmooth Fine Art paper received a lightfast permanence rating of 108 years under glass and 175 years with UV filter, from the Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute.

Epson Enhanced Matte Paper

Our standard paper option, Enhanced Matte, is highly superior to cheap poster paper. It displays radiant colours and is long lasting. In quality, it is surpassed only by Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper and Premium Gloss Canvas.

Epson Enhanced Matte Paper yields highly saturated images, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail.

Thickness – Heavyweight Paper – 10 mil (250gsm)

Finish – Flat Matte Finish

Permanence – Our classic matte poster paper received a lightfast permanence rating of 76 years under glass and 110 years with UV filter, from the Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute.