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Servant of Akal Purakh Sahib, King of Sikh Art

Bhagat Singh Bedi uses his gift to create works of art that inspire and uplift the soul. His paintings connect us to our ancient heritage by telling stories of our ancestors in vivid colours.

A Sikh strives to be a Warrior-Saint and Bhagat’s sikh art embodies and emphasizes those qualities of Bir Ras and Sant Ras, The Essence of Warriors and Saints™.

Give the Gift of Sikhi Art

With your prints you get colours as fresh and vibrant as Bhagat’s original paintings, so highly detailed that you will discover new details each time you look. You can treasure them your whole life, and pass them down to your children as heirlooms. Product Information »

Order Premium Canvas Prints for your family and friends. They make the perfect gift since they are ready to hang right out of the box, hassle-free.

Your Prints, Your Story

Gian Singh sitting in front of Golden Temple Painting - Bhagat Singh - Sikhism Art - Sarbjit Kaur Collection

My son Gian Singh silently absorbing your art…
This picture captures a lot. He came home from school and just sat there looking into your artwork.

– Sarbjit Kaur