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Looking for sikh gift ideas? This beautiful collection of Sikhi Art by Bhagat Singh features pieces that make great gifts for your family and friends.
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Golden Temple – Meditations under the Moonlight

Golden Temple – Meditations under the Moonlight

Bhagat’s spiritual painting depicts the radiant Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab, under the bright full moon and cool night sky. Amongst the hustle and bustle of the impatient crowd, there is one sikh who sits apart, in eternal patience.

This painting of the Golden Temple is an excellent gift for those who wish to beautify their living room space in a spiritual way. The Harimandir Sahib and the Sikh man meditating serves as a reminder to the family to serve and meditate on Hari ji.

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Adi Guru – Guru Nanak Dev ji

Adi Guru – Guru Nanak Dev ji

The first guru of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev ji nourishes our soul the way the sun nourishes the trees, plants and all the greenery in the painting. He brings peace to our hearts and gives us wholesome rest in this tiresome world.

This painting of Guru Nanak Dev ji is a reminder to those beings, who are immersed in daily grind, to remember God at all times. Gift this to a loved one who really deserves the blessings of Guru ji.

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Dashmesh Pita – Guru Gobind Singh

Dashmesh Pita – Guru Gobind Singh ji

The tenth guru of the Sikhs, Dashmesh Pita reflects Akal Purakh’s light, the way the moon reflects the sun, and when we bathe in Guru Sahib’s warmth, we become warm ourselves.

Bhagat’s painting of Guru Gobind Singh ji depicts spiritual enlightenment so powerfully, and brings the viewer along for the journey. This is an excellent gift for those who are on the spiritual path and looking for inspiration.

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Hari Singh Nalwa

Hari Singh ji Nalwa – New Edition

Hari Singh Nalwa was a great general of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s kingdom. At a young age, while on a hunting trip, he was attacked by a tiger. With his bare hands, he pushed back the tiger, drew his sword and decapitated the beast. He was known for his excellent swordsmanship and chivalry. The painting of the general of Punjab, will bring royalty to any place it is displayed it.

Looking for a gift that sends powerful vibes? This painting makes a good first impression in office spaces, looks beautiful on the walls of your home and makes a great anniversary/wedding gift.

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Mool Mantra – Soul Swans

Mool Mantra – Soul Swans

Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji starts off with praise of Waheguru in the form of the Mool Mantra. In the Mool Mantra, Guru Nanak Dev ji expresses the essence of spirituality that is at the heart of not just the Sikh religion but of Indian spiritual traditions as a whole. The central thrust of Guru ji’s teachings is to orient oneself towards the Truth. This message shines through the Mool Mantra.

Being the core of the Sikh criptures, the Mool Mantra – Soul Swans makes an excellent gift for those who want to connect with Gurbani and taste it in a profound way.