Banda Singh ji Bahadur Avenges Chotte Sahibzadey

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This painting depicts that epic moment when Baba Banda Singh ji Bahadur captures Wazir Khan with a group of Singhs. In order to bring Wazir Khan to justice, Baba ji punishes him for executing the Chotte Sahibzadey. Two variations of this painting have been made available, one with the Chotte Sahibzadey and one with only the brick wall.

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Artist's Notes

“When You are with me, why should I look to anyone else? You gave me everything ever since I became Your Banda.”

– Guru Arjun Dev ji (Guru Granth Sahib, 1096)

This painting depicts that epic moment when Baba Banda Singh ji Bahadur captures Wazir Khan with a group of Singhs. In order to bring Wazir Khan to justice, Baba ji punishes him for executing the Chotte Sahibzadey, the innocent children of Guru Gobind Singh ji.

In the foreground, we see the innocent Chotte Sahibzadey fallen amongst cold bricks, cruelly murdered at sunset. Behind them, we see Banda Singh Bahadur and his Singhs surrounding the cruel Wazir Khan, with spears in hand. Wazir Khan’s horse is slain and falls to the ground, representing the fall of Sirhind, and he is forced to defend himself as he collapses to the hard ground. In the background, Baba ji’s army is returning back home after conquering the city of Sirhind and punishing Wazir Khan for his actions.

In this painting, I depicted these two events that took place several years apart – martyrdom of Chotta Sahibzade and Banda Singh Bahadur’s attack on Sirhind – together into a single painting to connect them and tie them together to give context of the story to new viewers and future generations.

A Closer Look

Chotte Sahibzadey, Zoravar Singh, Fateh Singh, Zorawar Singh, Guru Gobind Singh
Chotte Sahibzadey

The Chotte Sahibzadey, Sahibzada Zorawar Singh ji and Sahibzada Fateh Singh ji, were only around 6 and 9 years old when they were bricked alive. During wartime, they had been separated from their father, Guru Gobind Singh ji, at the Sirsa River and had been travelling with their Grandmother, Mata Gujri ji, to a safe location. On their way, they were reported to the Mughal government, to Wazir Khan, and were captured by his police.

Wazir Khan
Wazir Khan

Wazir Khan was the Nawab of Sirhind. He wanted Sher Muhammad Khan to punish Guru’s children. Even though Sher Muhammad’s brother had been killed by Guru Sahib, in battle, he sternly refused at the offer and criticized it for its cruelty. He did not deem it humane to punish children for the crime of the father. Wazir Khan however, had lost all his humanity. The next day he ordered that the Sahibzadey be bricked alive, and they were killed that evening.

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur
Baba Banda Singh Bahadur

Several years later when Baba Banda Singh ji Bahadur heard of this cruel deed, he set out to punish Wazir Khan in Sirhind. Baba ji was a generous man, an enlightened soul and very powerful, he possessed ridhiyan sidhiyan. He was a bairagi at heart and did not care for wordly possessions. Anything he looted on his conquests, he just gave away to his soldiers and generals. Guru Gobind Singh ji had given him leadership of his sikhs for a reason. So along with Guru’s sikhs, he amassed a huge army on the way to Sirhind and captured the city. There he captured Wazir Khan and the Singhs punished Wazir Khan for his actions.

Product Information


Small (24" x 16"), Medium (32" x 21"), Large (48" x 31"), Grand (60" x 39"), Unique (82" x 54")


With Chotte Sahibzadey, Showing Bricks Only
The artist's original vision had the Chotte Sahibzadey fallen in the bricks. You may select "With Chotte Sahibzadey" to obtain this print.
The artist has recently made a variation showing only the bricks, with nobody lying on them. You may select "Showing Bricks Only" to obtain this print.

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3 reviews for Banda Singh ji Bahadur Avenges Chotte Sahibzadey

  1. Rajeshpal (verified owner)

    I have had this painting for 1 year now. Occasionally I bring my young kids around it and use it to explain the story of the Chote Sahibzade, their sacrifice and how Banda Singh Bahadur took up the fight of justice. I also allude to how its important to not have harmful intentions towards others else life and Karma will have its way with you like how Wazir Khan is facing in this painting with pointed spears towards him. I love this painting not just because of the amazing work and detail artist Bhagat Singh has used but also different elements from history he has brought together to be able to tell a compelling story all in 1 picture. This painting is highly recommended for anyone who wants their kids not to forget this important episode in sikh history.

    Banda Singh Bahadur captures Wazir khan and avenges Chote Sahibzade Baba Zorawar Singh and Baba Fateh Singh - Sikh Art by Bhagat Singh, history of punjab - collection of Rajeshpal Singh

  2. Jagroop Singh (verified owner)

    Bahutt psand kiti sab ne 🙏🏻🙏🏻💕

    Banda Singh ji Bahadur - Chotte Sahibzade - Sikh Art Canvas by Bhagat Singh Bedi - sikhiart - Collection Jagroop Benipal

  3. Saranjit Singh (verified owner)

    I am overwhelmed with the pics and really love them for me the golden temple one represents the calmness of Sikh and the Banda singh bahadur the warrior side of sikhi, and I love explaining the story behind the Banda singh bahadur pic to guest who come around my house. Again I thank and you are blessed by waheguru with a amazing talent

    Banda Singh Bahadur Avenges Chote Sahibzade, Harimandir Sahib, Golden Temple, Sikh Art, Bhagat Singh Bedi

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