Blind Chakram on Howdah


A story of two Nihangs defending their Temple from blood-thirsty demons, storming through the demon hordes atop their enraged four-tusked elephant.

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Artist's Notes

The main character, the wise Chakram is the one riding on the elephant’s back, in the wooden structure known as the Howdah. Behind him you can see the Temple and surrounding city under siege. The buildings are being destroyed and civilians murdered. Amongst this chaos, our Nihang hero Chakram, his Nihang partner, and his four-tusked elephant storm through the demon front lines. His elephant stomps through the horned beasts filled with rage, in a dynamic scene, while his Nihang partner impales a demon with his spear.

Chakram is blind himself and relies solely on his faith, his inner sight to guide his attacks. His tall turban serves as a high-reaching lightning rod that helps him to channel the immense power of the roaring heavens. Suddenly, in a quick flash of insight, the lightning strikes his turban and empowers him. He creates a sharp ring, known as a chakram, out of the lightning and then fires it on to the oncoming army.

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Small (23″ x 16″), Medium (32″ x 23″), Large (48″ x 34″), Grand (60″ x 42″), Unique (78″ x 55″)

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