New Painting – Bhai Vir Singh ji

“Wherever the Sadhus and Saints gather, they sing praises of Hari with music and poems. In their gathering there is peace and bliss. Only those obtain the company of Saints, who have good actions and habits.”

– Guru Arjun Dev ji (Guru Granth Sahib, 676)

Bhai Vir Singh ji, Punjabi Author, Sikh Poet by Bhagat Singh Bedi Artist, Sikhi Art
Bhai Vir Singh ji

Sikh art of Bhai Vir Singh ji is so rare that artist Bhagat Singh Bedi wanted to promote Bhai Sahib, through Sikhi Art™.

Bhai Vir Singh ji was a giant in Punjabi literature. His works have rejuvenated Punjabi writing and have heavily influenced the Sikh psyche many generations after him.

Born in Amritsar in 1872, Bhai Vir Singh ji grew up training and learning Sikh scriptures in gurudwaras. He became fluent in multiple Indian languages, Punjabi, Urdu, and Sanskrit.

Bhai Vir Singh ji’s father, Sardar Charan Singh ji was also a poet, musician and writer. Following in his father’s footsteps, he used his novels and poems to teach the core dogmas of Sikhism.

Amidst the foreign and native pressures of politics and proselytizing, Bhai Sahib revitalized the Sikh and Punjabi culture through his literary art.

This painting was created upon commission, to revitalize the legacy of Bhai Vir Singh ji.

To commission art that enlivens the memory of your loved ones please contact artist Bhagat Singh.

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