New Painting – Bhai Taru Singh ji

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“I am blind, you are my walking stick, Hari; your name is Supporter of Saints. I am poor and meek, your name is my support.”

– Sant Nam Dev ji (Guru Granth Sahib, 727)

Bhai Taru Singh ji, Shaheed, Sikh Saints, Sikhi Art, Sikh Photo, Punjab Paintings, Bhagat Singh Bedi, Martyr, Warrior Saint
Bhai Taru Singh ji

The traditional sikh art of Punjab, has always depicted Bhai Taru Singh ji having his scalp removed but it has always missed the key aspect of this story – Bhai Sahib’s internal state. Bhagat’s painting zooms in specifically on Bhai Sahib’s inner state to highlight the importance of meditation. Buy prints of Bhai Taru Singh ji if you are looking for daily inspiration to meditate.

Artist’s Notes

My painting of Bhai Taru Singh ji shows him meditating after his scalp was removed by the Mughal executioner. Admist the darkness, Bhai Sahib reclines back as a beacon of light and shows us that the path to enlightenment is to uphold Dharma.

Who was Bhai Taru Singh ji?

In his early 20s, Bhai Taru Singh ji chose to have his scalp removed rather than give up his religious traditions. He was born 12 years after the passing of Guru Gobind Singh ji and was initiated in to the tradition of the Ten Gurus, through Bhai Mani Singh ji.

In 1700s, Sikhs were being persecuted by Zakariya Khan, who ruled Punjab under the Mughal Empire. Bhai Taru Singh ji and his family would support and provide food for Sikh rebels who wished to take him down.

During this rebellion, Bhai Taru Singh ji was arrested by Zakriya Khan’s police and was tortured. The executioner used a chisel to remove his scalp, however Bhai Taru Singh ji remained absorbed in meditation.

Bhai Taru Singh ji lived after his torture, and continued to meditate and sing the praises of the Lord. He left his body immediately after the death of Zakariya Khan.

Painting Taru Singh ji

I worked on Baba Ajit Singh ji’s painting when I was his age when he sacrificed himself in the Battle of Chamkaur. Then I did Bhai Taru Singh ji’s portrait when I was his age, when he sacrificed himself for the Sikh panth.

It gives me new insights into the mindset of our warrior saints and into my own mind, to paint them at that same point in my life when they made their sacrifices.

I think about what they did at my age and what I am doing. I think about where they were headed at my age and where I am heading. In this way I align my moral compass to the Truth North and follow it.

A great man once said that we don’t get to choose whether we sacrifice or not, we only get to pick what we sacrifice. Sikh Saints followed in the footsteps of the Ten Gurus and sacrificed themselves to uphold Dharma.

So to see our warrior saints side with their Duty, over their own lives, is very inspiring, and fills me up with a fearless spirit.

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New Painting – Bhai Vir Singh ji

Bhai Vir Singh ji, Saint Poet of Punjab, painted by artist Bhagat Singh Bedi, Sikhi Art, Sikh Art,

“Wherever the Sadhus and Saints gather, they sing praises of Hari with music and poems. In their gathering there is peace and bliss. Only those obtain the company of Saints, who have good actions and habits.”

– Guru Arjun Dev ji (Guru Granth Sahib, 676)

Bhai Vir Singh ji, Punjabi Author, Sikh Poet by Bhagat Singh Bedi Artist, Sikhi Art
Bhai Vir Singh ji

Sikh art of Bhai Vir Singh ji is so rare that artist Bhagat Singh Bedi wanted to promote Bhai Sahib, through Sikhi Art™.

Bhai Vir Singh ji was a giant in Punjabi literature. His works have rejuvenated Punjabi writing and have heavily influenced the Sikh psyche many generations after him.

Born in Amritsar in 1872, Bhai Vir Singh ji grew up training and learning Sikh scriptures in gurudwaras. He became fluent in multiple Indian languages, Punjabi, Urdu, and Sanskrit.

Bhai Vir Singh ji’s father, Sardar Charan Singh ji was also a poet, musician and writer. Following in his father’s footsteps, he used his novels and poems to teach the core dogmas of Sikhism.

Amidst the foreign and native pressures of politics and proselytizing, Bhai Sahib revitalized the Sikh and Punjabi culture through his literary art.

This painting was created upon commission, to revitalize the legacy of Bhai Vir Singh ji.

To commission art that enlivens the memory of your loved ones please contact artist Bhagat Singh.

My Purpose in this World

Zora Singh, Ice Form, Sikh Superheroes, Sikh Warriors,Bhagat Singh, Sikhi Art, Punjabi Paintings,

I am a servant of the Supreme Personality.

Today I want to share something I have not shared with anyone. I want to share my purpose in this world and why I do the things I do, and paint the things I paint.

Ten years ago, when I was young, I saw that there weren’t many positive Sikh characters in the media. Bollywood movies were largely filled with Sikh caricatures and Sikh jokers.

Feeling the lack of positive representation in the media, I assumed the responsibility of creating powerful Sikh super heroes.

I created the Mutants – Born to Stand Out.

Zora Singh, Ice Form, Sikh Superheroes, Sikh Warriors,Bhagat Singh, Sikhi Art, Punjabi Paintings,
Zora Singh (2007)

As I grew up I started painting ancients Sikh warriors from our history. I started painting the legendary warriors of the past, whose exploits I had heard about in sakhis told to me by my parents and grandparents.

I painted the fierce Mai Bhago ji, the fearless Sahibzada Ajit Singh ji and the legend of Baba Deep Singh ji.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh, Battle of Chamkaur Bhagat Singh Bedi Sikhi Art Heritage of Punjab, Sikh and Punjabi Paintings
Battle of Chamkaur – Sahibzada Ajit Singh ji (2009)

I was quite young at that time, still learning how to paint, but I was immersed in these paintings when I painted them. I was absorbed in each stroke of the brush and each dab of colour.

Sometimes I found myself watching a painting develop on its own. Sometimes I was the painting itself blossoming forth.

Painting had become part of my spiritual practice.

Guru Gobind Singh ji in Machhiwara Dasam Pita Sikhi Art History of Punjab Bhagat Singh Bedi Sikh Paintings
Guru Gobind Singh ji Machhiwara (2010)

As I opened up spiritually, I began to realize that God has given every person on earth a purpose in life. He has given everyone a task to do and he has created it so that the person derives a great sense of meaning and satisfaction by fulfilling their purpose; they are inherently rewarded by it.

I realized that Waheguru has given me a purpose as well, and that purpose is to spread his glory throughout the world.

He told me to spread his glory, not just through paintings but also through my own actions – working hard and working smart, sharing what I know and possess, and cleansing the mind with the detergent of Ram naam.

He told me to create Sikhi Art and paint the Essence of Warriors and Saints, to let the world know about the sacrifices made by Sikh Warriors and Saints, and that essence which drives them – God.

He told me to paint the Gods, Gurus and Guardians, to spread the universal message described in Guru Granth Sahib, and to spread the important message of Universal Brotherhood and Unity of God.

He told me to Meditate on him daily, and to create paintings of the Meditative Process. This was to emphasize the importance of Spiritual Practice in day-to-day life.

Golden Temple in Moonlight at Night, Harmandir Sahib, Harimandir, Hari Mandir, Meditating, Man, Naam Simran, Moon, Baba Attal Rai Gurudwara, Boonga, by Bhagat Singh, Sikhi Art, Wonders of Punjab, Sikh Paintings, Punjabi Art
Golden Temple – Meditations Under the Moonlight (2016)

He didn’t physically come to me to tell me this. He didn’t speak to me with an audible voice.

He did it automatically, by orienting my mind towards meditation, towards painting and towards this lifestyle, and by filling my life up with more meaning and satisfaction when I oriented my mind towards him.

He did it simply by making me feel internally rewarded for doing things he wanted me to do.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your love and support.

Bhagat Singh
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Artist Bhagat Singh Bedi with his Sikh Art Golden Temple Painting

Artist Bhagat Singh Bedi, depicts Gods, Gurus and Guardians™ with a passion!

Bhagat depicts ancient Sikhs and Indian Spiritual Traditions with a high level of historical and spiritual authenticity. Born in Punjab, Bhagat spreads Sikh paintings all over the world. Bhagat Singh Bedi, Artist Profile »

Bhagat paints The Essence of Warriors and Saints™. He is known for promoting Sikhi through his unique collection of Sikh Art depicting ancient Sikh heritage, of warriors and saints in vivid colours. A Sikh strives to be a Warrior-Saint and Bhagat’s Sikh Art embodies and emphasizes those qualities of Bir Ras and Sant Ras, Warrior Essence and Saint Essence.

Bhagat’s sikh fine art prints can be purchased from our online sikh store –Gallery of Sikh Art »

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The King of Sikh Art™, Bhagat Singh, paints Sikh Art from a Free Inner Spirit, to bring well-being to the Sikh community world-wide. This sets him apart from the generic traditional sikh art of Punjab, those repetitive copies of Sobha Singh ji’s and Kirpal Singh ji’s sikh art.

Even though Bhagat considers Sobha Singh ji, Kirpal Singh ji as his Ustaad ji, teachers, their sikh artwork depicting Sikh Gurus and Sikh Warriors has been copied ad nauseum and has bogged down the sikh art tradition of Punjab. Bhagat has revived this tradition and has brought it to a whole new level and to the international scale.

In addition to Sikh history and Punjabi paintings, also showcases Bhagat’s Hindu Paintings, images of the Divine Cosmic Being as described in many religions of India, and Bhagat’s Fantasy Art, images of fierce Sikh warriors with massive turbans.

As Bhagat grew spiritually and began to understand the depth of spiritual and mythological realms, he also began to research and create Hindu paintings. The diverse images of Gods and their stories, inspired Bhagat to paint Hindu Art! Gallery of Hindu Art »

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Meanwhile, Bhagat had also secretly been working away on many Fantasy paintings inspired by Sikh aesthetics. These include images of powerful warriors wearing turbans of epic proportions! Gallery of Sikh Fantasy Art »

Fantasy Art, Medieval Art, Sikh Art, Warrior

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For young artists looking for art tutorials, and for Bhagat’s fans looking to get a glimpse behind-the-scenes into the artist’s process, Bhagat has created Youtube Videos. Behind-the-Scenes Videos »

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