Narsingh ji Liberates Bhagat Prahlaad ji

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After defeating Harnakash's army, Narsingh ji battled with Harnakash and then ripped him apart with his claws. Narsingh ji was so scary that Prahlaad ji could not face him and look at him. Prahlaad ji however recognized that it was God. His love for God, his bhagati overpowered his fear, and he fell at the feet of Narsingh ji.

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Artist's Notes

“He is the Supreme Spirit, the God of Gods. For his devotee he came as Narsingh.”

– Bhagat Kabir Ji (Guru Granth Sahib, 1194)

Narasimha or Narsingh ji, as I know him, is the ferocious man-lion attire of Vishnu ji.
He represents some key qualities of God. Here are three.
1. Horrifying
2. Resides everywhere
3. Protector of loved ones

Narsingh ji is known for protecting Prahlada, or Bhagat Prahlaad ji, who was still a child when he was brutally tortured (to the brink of death) for several days because he refused to give up his religion ie his knowledge of God and his practice of meditating on him.

King Hiranyakaship or Harnakash wanted his son Prahlaad ji to rule his kingdom and spread the religion of their ancestors. Prahlaad ji however had been born outside the kingdom, in the home of and taught by, the enlightened, Narad ji.

So here’s a religious father, a man of faith, a spiritual man, who is desperately trying to keep his dying religion alive, and wants Prahlaad ji to carry forward the flame.

Prahlaad ji however had adopted Narad ji’s religion and he had become enlightened through Narad ji’s methodology. So his faith in this religion was quite strong.

However his desperate father could not see his enlightenment, nor was he enlightened himself. In total ignorance, he released several orders to wipe out the gatherings of the rival religion, from his kingdom. He also took many, many steps to convert Prahlaad ji back to his own faith, the very last desperate attempt of which, was torture and death.

Fast forward to the torture – Prahlaad ji was given poisons, thrown off cliffs and burned in bonfires. Having survived all methods of execution, made Harnakash very angry. He had broken all ties with his son at this point. He was no longer his son… maybe still 1% left?

This was the final moment, he was going to kill Prahlaad ji with his own hands.

Prahlaad ji’s main point was that God is everywhere if one looks for him. Harnakash did not see this but at least was honest about it. Still he was desperate, he really did not want to see his son die so gave him one final chance.

A heated argument took place!

Fast forward to the throne room – He screamed again and again, “where is your God?”. Prahlaad ji said, “here and here and there, everywhere really”.

He broke everything that Prahlaad ji pointed towards but Harnakash did not see God.

Now completely fed up by his son’s nonsense and enraged to the point where he had destroyed half his throne room, he pointed one last time.

Harnakash pointed towards one of the giant pillars in the throne room, which was so big it could house a being larger than man. He thought if God is anywhere, he must be in this giant pillar. So he asked, “is your God in this pillar?”

Prahlaad ji could see that God was there also. So obviously he said, “yes”.

Harnakash broke the pillar and yet, no God appeared. This was the last straw…

“That’s it” Harnakash again screamed and rushed towards Prahlaad to kill him.


A pillar behind Prahlaad ji exploded and Narsingh ji burst forth!

Harnakash’s guards rushed to defend him. They fought with Narsingh ji. Other guards and soldiers heard the commotion and rushed in as well. They battled with death only to be consumed by it.

After defeating Harnakash’s army, Narsingh ji battled with Harnakash and then ripped him apart with his claws, thus liberating him from his human body.

Narsingh ji was so scary that Prahlaad ji could not face him and look at him. Prahlaad ji however recognized that it was God who had come in such a terrifying form. His love for God, his bhagati overpowered his fear, and he fell at the feet of Narsingh ji.

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1 review for Narsingh ji Liberates Bhagat Prahlaad ji

  1. Talwinder Singh (verified owner)

    First and foremost I would like to say that I am a huge fan of your work since I first saw the
    painting of Akali Phula Singh about 10 years ago. I admire your work and more so the train of thought you have sparked within our Sikh Community to question/explore our beginnings and philosophy.

    My favourite painting is the one of Narsingh protecting Prahlaad. When I read Rehraas Sahib, the opening lines of ” Har jug jug Bhagat upaya, Paij rakhdha aya, raam raaje,” instantly give me the visual of your painting, instilling a sense of fearlessness and a sense of well-being. For if my master is as fearless as the depiction, I have no fear, I too yearn to have the same love and connection to Waheguru as Prahlaad does in the painting.

    Thank you so much brother.

    The painting carries such an amazing ambience with it, my family loves it.

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