Guru Arjun Dev ji – Martyrdom

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My painting shows Guru Arjan Dev ji peacefully meditating while being tortured. Guru Sahib was made to sit on a hot plate and had hot sand poured over his head and body. Even though he was put through immense pain, he was in profound peace with the moment, with the situation he found himself in.

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Artist's Notes

“The Lord Himself sits on the throne as Guru Arjun. The canopy of Guru’s greatness glows bright and illuminates all directions.”

– Rai Balwand ji and Satta Doom ji (Guru Granth Sahib, 968)

In Repose

Guru Arjun Dev ji was son of Guru Ramdas ji and the grandson of Guru Amardas ji. He was devoted to the faith of Guru Ramdas ji and wrote beautiful poems that touched the souls of those who listened. He was later selected by Guru Ramdas ji as the fifth Guru, in the line of successors after Guru Nanak Dev ji.

Weeping Gursikh

Mughal King Jahangir felt threatened by the level of influence that Guru Sahib had on Hindus and Muslims. In his memoir Jahangir describes this event. He said that Muslims were being swayed by Guru Sahib’s personality and teachings, and thought that they were foolish doing this, for believing in the holiness of the Guru. He did not believe in the divinity of Guru Arjun Dev ji himself and sought to put an end to the charade. Then when he heard that his own rival brother was blessed by Guru Sahib in a tilak ceremony, he became very angry and arrested Guru Sahib and tortured him to death.

Awe-Struck Executioner
This painting shows Guru Arjan Dev ji peacefully meditating while being tortured. Guru Sahib was made to sit on a hot plate and had hot sand poured over his head and body. Even though he was put through immense pain, he was in profound peace with the moment, with the situation he found himself in. One day while meditating on Guru Sahib’s poetry and the scene of his martyrdom, I had such a profound experience of Guru Sahib, an experience so emotionally moving and so overwhelmingly blissful that I knew I had to paint this scene I was awe-struck much like the executioner who folds his hands witnessing the Guru’s divinity.

Guru Arjun Dev ji is known for compiling the Guru Granth Sahib and for having constructed Shri Harimandir Sahib, also known as the Golden Temple.

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5 reviews for Guru Arjun Dev ji – Martyrdom

  1. Gurcharan (verified owner)

    Excellent work Bhagat Singh Bedi ji!! It touches your heart!
    May Waheguru bless you!!!
    Gurcharan Rahi

  2. Rankirat Kaur (verified owner)

    Beautiful paintings …… My mom was touched when she saw Guru Arjan devji’s painting.

    And indeed all the paintings of Guruji’s are divine and serene….very beautiful. Please continue with such brilliant work. But, personally I would love to see some more of Guru Nanak Devji’s paintings.

    Guru Nanak Dev ji, Guru Ramdas ji, Guru Arjun Dev ji, Guru Gobind Singh ji, Bhagat Singh, Sikhi Art, Paintings, Punjab, Prints

  3. Sandeep Singh

    I don’t have words to describe the painting that you have painted. Everytime anyone visits our house whether family member or friend, they are in awe and ask me about the story about painting and I always refer them to your website. Again, I don’t have words to describe Guru maharaj but only pray that maharaj give even little piece of thand to everyone who is suffering from 5 bikars and pray that you keep doing seva as maharaj has great kirpa on you.

    Guru Arjun Dev ji - Martyrdom, Shaheedi of Guru Arjan Dev pathshah, Sikh paintings, Art of Bhagat Singh, Canvas Print own by Sandeep Singh

  4. Gurcharn Dang (verified owner)

    Some in our community say that we should not depict the image of our Gurus, but many like me need a catalyst to help us get in the mood of understanding the true meaning and feeling the peace, tranquility depth of inner self that Guru Nanak Devji brought to our lives. Bhagatji has captured that medium thru the expression of Wahe guru that just helps me as an individual focused on the materialism and rigors of life.

    Guru Arjun Dev ji Sikh Painting Punjab Art Bhagat Singh Sikhi Art - Gurcharn Dang Collection

  5. Jaspreet Takhar (verified owner)

    It’s very inspiring to hear about your journey of enlightenment. It’s amazing that you have realized your purpose in this world and have focused your mind and energy on what really matters. You have achieved your goal with spreading God’s love and positivity through your paintings. I have purchased several of your paintings and I know I will have them for the rest of my life; I will never get tired of looking at them. You can tell that you’re painting with God’s hands. Thank you for sharing your purpose and talent with the world.

    This would have to be one of my all time favorite paintings. The second I saw it, I could not get that image out of my head, which I mean in the best way possible. I look at this painting almost every morning when I get ready for my day and it is still absolutely breathtaking. I also have the Hari Singh Nalwa painting which I will send you a picture of once I find the perfect place for it in my room.

    It just brings me happiness to be able to personally compliment your work and share it with others. Literally every person who sees it, from all walks of life, understands the depth of emotion and beauty you have portrayed in this painting.

    Good luck in the future, and I look forward to seeing what you create next.

    Guru Arjun Dev ji Sikh Painting Punjab Art Bhagat Singh Sikhi Art - Jaspreet Takhar Collection

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