New Painting – Banda Singh Bahadur

With galloping horses, kicking up dirt and debris, Baba Banda Singh ji Bahadur and his Singhs surround the cruel Wazir Khan and aim their spears at him! Wazir Khan’s horse is slain and falls to the ground, representing the fall of Sirhind, and he is forced to defend himself as he collapses to the hard ground. In the background, Baba ji’s army is Continue reading…

Detail from painting of Banda Singh Bahadur
Detail from painting of Banda Singh Bahadur

Upcoming Release – Celebrating Vaisakhi
Be on the lookout for my upcoming portrait of Dasam Pita, Guru Gobind Singh ji. This painting is painted in the traditional pose with Guru Sahib looking up and out into the distance, his face glowing and his expression tranquilizing. This look is combined with the accurate depiction of his turban/dumalla, plume/kalgi and robes/chola that we see in ancient paintings of Guru Gobind Singh ji of his time and of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s time!

I will present this authentic portrait of Dashmesh Pita on Vaisakhi!

Dasam Pita - Guru Gobind Singh ji

Sneak Peek of Dasam Pita – Guru Gobind Singh ji

Print and Cost Structure Changes
I have been making several changes to the prints and costs in the past few weeks!

-Print changes
To make it easy to hang and to keep it simple, I have now made Stretched Premium Gloss Canvas the default option. These are of great value as we hand-stretch them around thick wooden bars to hold them taught. We also provide a hanging kit so that your canvas is ready to hang on the delivery day. This makes the hanging process hassle-free and you get to enjoy the print sooner!
Rolled canvas option is still available at a discounted cost! Especially good for those who already have the equipment necessary for stretching.

Stretched Premium Gloss CanvasStretched Premium Gloss Canvas
Stretched Premium Gloss Canvas - White Edge,Black Edge

-Size changes
I have added a smaller size, 24 inches, which is more affordable for budget-conscious collectors.
This size also works well with small wall-spaces! It is also ideal for standard frames.

-International Shipping Costs
Shipping charges to United Kingdom and other International locations have always been pretty hefty for us. However I have adjusted them for you guys to make them more attractive.

Any feedback in this area is greatly appreciated. I am experimenting with these things and I will make changes or revert to old system if necessary.

While planning to decorate my own home, I created some visuals and noticed how beautiful Harmandir Sahib would look on a pale blue wall. When I tried this with the others, they looked very refreshing. I thought this would be a great visual aid for you guys as well. So I whipped up an entire batch of such Visuals for many paintings. I will create more in the future.

Thanks for checking this out and reading all the way. Love you guys from the bottom of my heart!

Harimandir Sahib on a Sky Blue wall looks gorgeous
Harimandir Sahib looks gorgeous on a pale blue wall

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  1. this is awesome! How many do I have to order Bhagat Singh to get the same wholesale price. I usually go with 24×36 size in the most economical paper. I do need few other so would like to combine the order in one. thanks! Navjeet Singh Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 17:53:36 +0000 To:

  2. your best work. I just wanted to convey the message. the details, the story, the concept of putting it together. the impression on everyone’s face…just awesome!

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