The Making of Pita Kalu ji

In these videos below, I paint Pita Kalu ji from scratch and you can watch the painting develop as I discuss my thoughts behind what I do.

Part 1 – Sketch

Sketching the idea of Pita Mehta Kalu ji looking at newly born Guru Nanak Dev ji for the first time.
How was the idea of this painting brought to paper?
Let’s talk about it as I draw out the sketch.

Part 2 – Rough Painting

Blocking in the colours and lighting the scene of Guru ji’s birth.
Why did I colour the scene in the way I did?
Let’s talk about it as I paint.

Part 3 – Final Painting

Detailing the painting and finishing it off.
How did I paint Pita Kalu ji experiencing his newborn son Guru Nanak Dev ji?
How did I paint a father seeing his son for the first time, when I hadn’t experienced the birth of my son yet?
Grab something to drink, a snack to eat and sit tight as I explore these questions.

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Mehta Kalu ji, Pita Kalu ji, Guru Nanak Dev ji, Sikh Paintings by Bhagat Singh Bedi
Pita Kalu ji Holding Baby Nanak

Pita Kalu ji Holding Baby Nanak

Pita Mehta Kalu ji looks at newly born Baby Nanak’s face, in a peaceful and serene trance state, holding him in his hands for the first time. In this painting, I wanted to paint a portrait of Mehta Kalu ji, keeping the main focus on Pita ji, while also showing the light of Guru Nanak Dev ji and his divine arrival on earth.

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