Details of the painting

Battle of Chamkaur was simply a fun painting to work on from start to finish. The nature of the painting required an intense amount of planning and referencing. Everything in this painting is based on a reference, down to the last detail, even the soldiers in the background. As I worked on, I thought about how Sahibzada Ajit Singh might have ended up as he is shown in my painting.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh charges into battle with his spear in one hand and shield in the other. He runs his spear through the hearts of many Mughals. Before its, now blunted, end is proven to be useless, he hurls it towards the approaching cavalry, and pulls out one of his curved shamshirs.
The charge has left his horse with many wounds, it has been blinded by the enemy archers. It topples over, throwing the Prince towards the ground in front of him. On the ground, the Prince is greeted with deadly strikes. Keeping his balance, he moves quickly – dodging, and blocking most of them with his hardened, rhinohide shield. Just then the injured Prince notices a Mughal cannon being readied for the seige. He discards his shield – who knows what it hit, who cares… He pulls out his other sword; it was dying of thirst. With blood raging through his mortal body, the immortal Ajit Singh then charges the infantry that guard the cannon! Some high ranking Bhumi militiamen and Cavalrymen see his strategy and rush to defend it!

I thought Ajit Singh ji was simply awesome. At the age of 19, I was the same age when I started working on him, he… one second – we get stage fright when facing a few people, I remember all the knots and goosebumps I got from talking in front of class, even greater still, singing kirtan on stage – Ajit Singh ji charged his horse towards oncoming army in their thousands! The direction of their weapons and aim were not a coincidence, Sahibzada knew very well that this was the ultimate “stage fright” and that he would not survive this battle. Yet he fearlessly charged straight through the heart of the army. He sacrificed himself for what he believed in. Sahibzada Ajit Singh ji is just a great example for anyone, to be fearless and more importantly to meditate. I feel that the power of meditation in creating fearless warriors, poets and revolutionaries is unbeatable.
I have to note that his Dumalla would probably not be look like this, during his lifetime. I started off with a turban he most likely wore but switched to a modern Dumalla integrated with hard, cold metal simply because nothing looks more robust! I take historical accuracy very seriously but…

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