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Bhagat Singh Bedi is creating epic paintings of Gods, Gurus and Guardians.

Become a Patron and Get Cool Rewards!

Some of the Exclusive Rewards include –
+ You Choose What Paintings I Work On
+ Early Access to Upcoming Releases
+ Step-by-Step-Process Images for Each Painting I Release
+ Real-Time Videos Showing Painting Techniques
+ Top-Secret Artwork including Works in Progress
+ Discounts on Art Prints in Sikhi Art Shop including Free Prints
…and many, many more!

But it’s not just about the rewards. It’s much bigger than that.

When I started Sikhi Art back in 2008, I had no idea that it would grow so much and reach out to people, especially the youth, in a way I never imagined.

At that time, I was just a kid doing what I loved.

Being a bright kid, I went to university to become a doctor because my parents wanted a “better future” for me. However, after graduating, all I ever wanted to do was paint Sikh legends!

For 9 years, I have been working hard at Sikhi Art, at creating beautiful paintings of Sikh legends, of Sikh Gurus and Guardians, with a special emphasis on Bir ras and Sant ras, the Essence of Warriors and Saints.

As I meditated on the Saints, I grew spiritually, I began to understand the depth of the Indian Epics that Guru Sahibs and their Poets translated for us. Immediately, they filled me with strength and inspiration. So I started creating paintings of the Gods as well, to share that inspiration with you!


Art is my passion.

I love making art, I love to read and study our history and culture, and I love to interact with you guys! I love to read your comments, they fill me with glee and inspire me to create more paintings for you guys to enjoy!

(It’s a cycle – I paint, you enjoy, you tell me you enjoy, I enjoy, I paint more…)

I want to work on Sikhi Art full-time, which will allow me to enter a positive space where I can focus on my energy and creativity on creating more awesome paintings and projects for you.

This will allow me to focus on paintings that will inspire new generations to come, paintings that bring to the forefront those hidden gems of the past. It will allow me to focus on building my art tutorials to help young artists grow to their full potential. It will also allow me to work on side projects like educational games and scriptural translations, which will provide tremendous value to our community.

Many of my art tutorials and side projects will be distributed for free.

So I need your support in this endeavour!

This is where Patreon comes in.

Patreon is a platform that allows you to support your favourite artists and their projects, for as little as $0.03 a day. It seems like a great way to sponsor projects we care about as a community that benefit us, individually and as a whole. So I am excited to join the large community of artists on Patreon who are using this service.

With Patreon, I can focus on providing value to you through paintings, art videos and other projects. Additionally, I can focus on improving my craft as well as the content I create for you.

For monthly subscriptions starting at $1, I have set up lots of rewards for you that you can check out here. These are immediate rewards for my Patrons, humble incentives to pledge towards the progress of Sikhi Art.

On the left hand side of my Patreon page, you can see my Goals and my dreams, and how I would grow Sikhi Art into something even bigger, through a variety of projects. These are projects which I have been working on for a while like educational games, translations and more. I have included a brief summary of the projects in this section. I will share more information about these projects as our Patreon community grows.

The Goals section also contains rewards for Patrons, however they are designed to benefit the community as a whole. We will do things to celebrate their completion.

Remember, anything you give is appreciated a lot, so please support me in this journey and Become a Patron of Sikhi Art!

Thank you all for your support.

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