Important Updates – August

Bhagat Singh’s newest painting, Guru Nanak – Spiritual Ecstasy, will be released soon. We have also made several preparations to provide you with a better experience.

Earlier this summer, it was brought to our attention that shipping was very expensive for our international customers, especially for those admirers back home. For a period of time, we had reduced our prices to cover shipping costs. The response was tremendous! We thank all of you for your support! Once again we’ve decided to reduce the price of our Canvas Prints by 10%, and have provided free shipping on Canvas Prints or purchases over $190.

We will now handle all purchases ourselves in order to make the process a lot easier (just look at the newly reduced Frequently Asked Questions page). We still sell through Imagekind as they have the best services available. However, handling the purchases ourselves not only allows us to provide free shipping but also allows us to provide you with Sizes without the decimals, for example, 32.0″ x 18.8″ becomes 32″ x 20″ for Battle of Chamkaur. We can also provide a 1-2 inch border around our prints for ease of framing.

We normally handle bulk orders in this way. Non-bulk orders of several prints over $190 are common. So processing the orders ourselves will allow us to provide those customers with free shipping, normal sizes and added borders.

We are also looking to improve our website with an automated service, in the near future. In the meanwhile, please contact the artist to place an order now.

We hope you appreciate our efforts and continue to support Sikhi Art. Remember to voice your concerns here.