Introducing Fantasy Paintings with ‘Akali Chief’

When Bhagat lets his imagination run loose, the result is badass warriors with hugeass turbans that look damn cool! Each painting tells its own story and a whole new universe comes into being. Inspired by Sikh aesthetics, these Fantasy Paintings are hand-painted by Bhagat, capturing years of day-dreaming in science classes.

Akali Chief – Beware the Claw

The Akali Chief leads the Akalis into battle. Not only is he covered in weapons but his turban also is a storehouse of weaponry, of claws, spiked maces, swords, daggers, arrows and cannon balls. When the Akali unleashes this hell on the battlefield, the weapons shoot out and strike nearby enemies. The ones on chains spin around and lacerate those who wish to penetrate the Chief’s defense. Continue reading…

Akali Chief Beware the Claw Bhagat Singh Bedi Nihang Fantasy Art Featured Post
Akali Chief Welcomes You