Paintings of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj

This page only shows paintings and sketches of Guru Gobind Singh ji by Bhagat Singh Bedi. To see other Sikh Art by the artist, see Sikh History Paintings.

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Dashmesh Pita – Guru Gobind Singh

Dashmesh Pita – Guru Gobind Singh ji

In this painting, Dashmesh Pita reflects Akal Purakh’s light, the way the moon reflects the sun, and when we bathe in Guru Sahib’s warmth, we become warm ourselves.

Bhagat’s sikh art takes portraits to a whole new level. His painting of Guru Gobind Singh ji depicts spiritual enlightenment so powerfully, while at the same time, tapping into historical resources to show Guru ji’s turban and clothes as accurately as possible. Own this masterpiece by purchasing prints for your home.


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Guru Gobind Singh ji – Vaisakhi

Guru Gobind Singh ji – Vaisakhi

On the day of Vaisakhi, 1699, Guru Gobind Singh ji did the initiation ceremony a little differently. He called for his devoted sikhs to give up their life. From the shocked crowd, one brave man got up and offered his head to Guru Sahib. He bowed down and performed the namahskar to Guru Sahib with folded hands. This was the birth of the Khalsa.

This painting not only depicts a key aspect of our great sikh history but looks surprisingly impressive in living rooms! Buy sikh art prints of Guru Gobind Singh ji for inspiration to perform Responsible Actions and Meditation.


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Guru Gobind Singh – Machhiwara

Guru Gobind Singh ji – Machhiwara

After resisting the onslaught of the tyrannical governement, Guru Gobind Singh ji slipped into the forests of Machhiwara. It is said that Guru Sahib was still in the highest of spirits, in chardi kala, even after losing all his loved ones and devotees.

Bhagat is a master of realism, and this painting is no different. It shows Guru Gobind Singh ji’s struggle realistically, through the atmosphere, the wounds and the torn clothes. The details in this painting combined with the peaceful atmosphere, make it a great addition to any living room and study room.


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Bhai Kanhaiya ji

Bhai Kanhaiya ji

Bhai Kanhaiya ji is famous for doing seva of injured soldiers by feeding them water and bandaging their wounds. He did not differentiate between Sikhs and Mughals. When asked why he served the Mughals, he responded that he saw the Guru in all beings.

The sikh art tradition has always depicted Bhai Kanhaiya ji in a battlefield, however sikh artist Bhagat Singh Bedi flips that concept and depicts Bhai Sahib’s internal state instead. Buy prints of Bhai Kanhaiya ji for inspiration to see the God, the Guru, and the Guardian, in everyone.