Welcome to Sikhi Art by Bhagat Singh, a young artist who strives to project a positive image of the Sikh community. Through Sikh art, he wishes to inspire the audience into learning about Sikh history and traditions for themselves. You can read a little about him in his profile, and see some of his works in his gallery!
To see his other art visit his Deviant Art gallery, and to keep up with his paintings, follow his blog.

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Did you know?
Baba Deep Singh ji worked under Banda Singh Bahadur ji and Nawab Kapur Singh ji before he was made the leader of a large band of Sikhs named Shaheed. As the leader he undertook several missions to stop invasions, which often involved saving women and children from being taken away.
“It always intrigues me as to how different warriors, and famous figures from history interacted with one another. I often wonder what kind of relationships they had with other warriors and what kind of conversations they might have had.”