Works in Progress

Sneak peak at some of Bhagat’s upcoming Sikh, Punjabi and Hindu paintings. The final painting may or may not resemble these works.

Bhai Taru ji
Bhai Taru Singh ji

Bhai Taru Singh ji

Bhai Taru Singh ji was in his early 20s when his scalp was brutally chopped off for refusing to convert to Islam. Bhai Sahib maintained the principle of freedom of religion, and maintained his Sikh identity with a lot of grace.
This is a close-up shot of the painting in progress. In order to see the full painting, as I work on it, please support Sikhi Art on Patreon.

Baba Deep Singh ji
Baba Deep Singh ji

Baba Deep Singh ji on Horseback

I always wanted to do a painting of Baba Deep Singh ji on horseback, leading an army of Sikhs to defend the Harimandir Sahib. So I repainted one of my previous paintings with a similar theme.

This is a close-up shot of the painting in progress. In order to see the full painting, as I work on it, please support Sikhi Art on Patreon.

Guru Gobind Singh ji
Guru Gobind Singh ji

Guru Gobind Singh ji on Horseback

My newest painting is based on puratan paintings of Guru Sahib riding a white horse, surrounded by the Khalsa.
This is a close-up shot of the painting in progress. In order to see the full painting, as I work on it, please support Sikhi Art on Patreon.

Guru Nanak Dev ji, First Guru of the Sikhs
Adi Guru – Guru Nanak Dev ji

Adi Guru – Guru Nanak Dev ji (completed)

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Your ability to withdraw your Five Senses from the world is your Workshop. Your Patience makes you a Goldsmith. Your Intelligence is your Anvil. Following the Vedas and other spiritual texts is your Hammer. Blow through the Pipe the Fear of God, and increase the heat of the Body. In your container of Love, pour in the molten gold that is Attention to the Present Moment, and mint the Gold coins of your Guru’s teachings. Those who are looked upon kindly by their Guru, they find out how to do this method. And when they apply the method, they are liberated.

Guru Arjan Dev Spiritual Blossoming, Guru Arjun Dev, Martyrdom
Guru Arjun Dev ji – Spiritual Blossoming

Guru Arjun Dev ji – Spiritual Blossoming (completed)

This painting developed over time as the result of reading Guru Arjun Dev ji’s bani and feeling the emotions expressed therein. I was moved to tears by the love Guru Maharaj expressed for Akal Purakh Sahib so I just had to create this portrait of my Gurudev.

Narasimha Liberates Agyani Hiranyakashipu along with Bhagat Prahlada
Cropped Close-up of the Terrifying Man-Lion, Narasimha

Narasimha Liberates Bhagat Prahlada (completed)

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Narsingh was so frightening that the young Prahlaad could not face him and look at him. Prahlaad however recognized that it was God who had come in such a terrifying form. His love for God, his bhagati overpowered his fear, and he begged Narsingh to show him his original form.

Vishnu ji, Narayan, Golden Top Knot cropped close-up
Cropped Close-up of Vishnu ji’s face, Sneak Peek

Hari Vishnu ji

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In Vaishnavism, Vishnu ji is Akal Purakh, one who exists outside of time and space. He is Rama, residing everywhere, he is thousand-eyed without eyes and thousand-bodied without body, and with this leela/play he entrances everyone. Here, Vishnu ji is painted similar to Krishna, as the alpha male, the lover and caretaker of his soulmates. Being abundant, he is royally bearded, seated on his throne, with beautiful crown and jewellery.

Pita Mehta Kalu ji, Guru Nanak Dev ji's father
Pita Kalu ji Holding Baby Guru Nanak (completed)

Pita Kalu ji Holding Baby Nanak

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Pita Mehta Kalu ji looks at newly born Baby Nanak’s face, in a peaceful and serene trance state, holding him in his hands for the first time. In this painting, I wanted to paint a portrait of Mehta Kalu ji, keeping the main focus on Pita ji, while also showing the light of Guru Nanak Dev ji and his divine arrival on earth.

Golden Temple, Harmandir Sahib
Golden Temple in Moonlight (completed)

Golden Temple – Meditations under the Moonlight

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Bhagat’s spiritual painting depicts the radiant Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab, under the bright full moon and cool night sky. Amongst the hustle and bustle of the impatient crowd, there is one sikh who sits apart, in eternal patience. The people are giving importance to getting into the temple, whereas this man gives importance to what the temple stands for.

Banda Singh Bahadur, Gurbaksh Singh, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur
Banda Singh Bahadur
Udasis of Guru Nanak, Odyssey of Guru Nanak, Sobha Singh
Udasis of Guru Nanak
Mai Bhago, Mata Bhag Kaur, Sikh Women
Mai Bhago - The Brave Kaur
Akali Phula Singh, Akali Nihang General, Nihang, Akali
Akali Phula Singh (completed)

Akali Phula Singh ji

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Akali Phula Singh was employed by Ranjit Singh after his attack on Thomas Metcalfe’s escort at Amritsar in 1809. He commanded a force called Changari, “Sparks”. Akalis were known for speaking their minds and their daredevil courage. They were strictly against the European training of Ranjit Singh’s regular army (they even disapproved of his tolerance of the British), and insisted on pursuing traditional Sikh tactics.

Hari Singh Nalwa, General of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's army, Sikh, Punjab, Art, Paintings, Khalsa, Warrior, Work in Progress
Hari Singh Nalwa (completed)

Hari Singh ji Nalwa

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Hari Singh Nalwa was great general of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s kingdom. At a young age, while on a hunting trip, he was attacked by a tiger. With his bare hands, he pushed back the tiger, drew his sword and decapitated the beast. He was known for his excellent swordsmanship and chivalry.