Speed Paintings

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A speed painting is an exercise where the artist uses quick but controlled brush strokes to create a work of art, under a limited amount of time usually 1-3 hours (though some of the recent ones are more like 5-7 hours). Speed paintings can be used to loosen up or even set down an idea for a bigger painting.
Bhai Baghel Singh by Bhagat Singh
Bhai Baghel Singh - Capturing the Red Fort (2013)
Bhai Ghanaiya
Bhai Ghanaiya feeds a Mughal in the midst of a Battle (2011)
Guru Gobind Singh ji Vaisakhi
Vaisakhi – First Initiate (2011)
Banda Singh Bahadur, Banda Singh, Gurbaksh Singh, To Victory, Sikh, Khalsa, Laadli Fauj, Sihind, Battle
Banda Singh Bahadur - To Victory (2010)
Together We March (2010)
Together We March (2010)
Hari Singh Nalwa (2009)
Hari Singh Nalwa (2009)
Machhiwara (2009)
Akali Phula Singh
Akali Phula Singh - SP (2009)
Escape from Anandpur
Escape from Anandpur (2008)